Travelling early August in the Rockies in Colorado, beautiful animals and scenery

Photo of Elk in Rockies

Male Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park Picture

I am not sure if these are male deer or elk, but they were huge creatures, and one was definitely dominant.

Deer, Does, in Rocky Mountain National Park

Beautiful Creatures

River in Rocky Mountain National Park Picture

Rocky Mountain National Park and Wildlife Photo

In the distance is an Elk or some large animal, that is hard to see here. We first thought it was a bear, but it was not.

Stormy photo on Grand Lake outside of Park

Grand Lake in Colorado

Heading into the Rocky Mountain National Park now, this beautiful lake has many wildflowers growing all around it.

Neat area in Colorado

Flowers growing along the lake

Pretty Lake area in Colorado Rocky Mountains

Little Path to the Lake and wildflowers in Rockies

Picture of a valley in Rockies

Rushing water over rocks in Rockies, Colorado

Trees and Water in Rockies

Rushing Water and Wildflowers in Rockies Photo

Tree Line seen on top of mountain in Rockies

Wild Red Berries growing in rocks in Rockies

Cloudy, partly rainy day in Rocky Mountains

Little Herd of Mountain Goats in Rockies

The Rocky Mountain National Forest

A gorgeous place to go and visit, I would highly recommend it.

The Beautiful, Amazing Rocky Mountains

We went to the Rocky Mountains, and this blog is dedicated to that trip.